Cobbled three arch bridge in Greece, denoting hiking adventure

Tales from the slow lane

Travelling slow: Cobbled paths and ancient bridges invite the traveller in Greece to slow down

The story of our hike the length of Greece North to South

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January 2nd-6th

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Escape to the Mainalon

Summer 2023

Lousios River, Mainalon, Greece


Taking our time and open to the unexpected: that’s how we like to travel. Amblers and slackpackers, we prefer travelling on foot, in remote places, through mountains, up rivers or along the coast. Slow travel is low carbon too, in these days of climate emergency.

I’m over seventy now, but still hiking on – my recipe for a joyful old age.

We’ve hiked the length of Greece, across Crete and Corfu, through the Pyrenees, and along the South West Coast Path in England.

It’s the people I rmember most – the barbecue with Albanian loggers, the shepherd who saved us from the storm. Wildlife too: the song of the seals, and the wildflowers in the glory days of spring.

The Corfu Trail. Spring 2023

Picture of coast from our latest hike on Corfu Trail
Corfu trail: never far from the sea
Tall olive trees
Corfu olive trees, much taller than elsewhere

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