Asleep on the beach at Kalamata

To the Sea at Kalamata

Karitena to Kalamata

Walking all the way gave us a very different picture of Greece from the usual tourist trail from one beauty spot or archaeological site to another. From Dimitsana, we passed the bleak open cast coal mines of Megalopolis, then through the twisted forest regrowth that followed a forest fire and along the old railway.  We walked through several small market towns, bustling centres for the rich agricultural lands of the Messene plain. There were plenty of cafes and small shops, but nowhere to stay: this was not tourist country.

Only the vast cross and cemetery at Meligalas was a reminder of more violent times, and perhaps also a warning of the threat of neo-fascism today.

At last we reached the sea, and celebrated at a small fish taverna on the edge of Kalamata. Six tables stood outside on the pavement, while a busker played on the guitar.

Route: Karitena, Thoknia, Chrani, Desilla, Zevgolateio, Meligalas, Aris, Kalamata


Kalamata 241 00, Greece

The lovely old stone bridge below Karitena…
Until you looked up and saw the modern concrete one above.
The Megalopolis power station, almost beautiful in the dusk.
Not so good close up and in daylight.
Camping at Chrani station
Along the railway again
Deserted country on either side of the railway.
Down to the ancient olive trees of the Messene plains.
Newborn lamb among the olives.
On the banks of the Pamissos
Bamboos lined the banks of the Pamissos.
Traditional bamboo ceiling.

Travelling Slow

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