Taking our time and open to the unexpected: that’s how we like to travel. Amblers and slackpackers, we prefer travelling on foot, in remote places, through mountains, up rivers or along the coast. Slow travel is low carbon too, in these days of climate emergency.

We’ve hiked the length of Greece, across Crete and Corfu, through the Pyrenees, and along the South West Coast Path in England.

It’s the people I remember most – the barbecue with Albanian loggers, the shepherd who saved us from the storm. Wildlife too: the song of the seals, and the wildflowers in the glory days of spring.

And we’ve had some memorable train journeys too, criss-crossing mountains and along the coasts of Europe.  As for ferries, they’re the best way to arrive in a new country, with the chance of spotting dolphins en route.

Jane hiking the South West Coast Path
Jane on the South West Coast Path

About me

I’m Jane. I’ve had a varied career. I’ve checked out beaches, restaurants and hotels for Holiday Which? I’ve worked with women’s co-operatives in South Sudan, in the refugee camps of Somalia, and the national parks of Costa Rica. Closer to home, I’ve worked with The Wildlife Trusts, with climate action groups, and with local government. I’m technically challenged, it took an age to get used to the GPS, but I can get by in four European languages. And for years I’ve been a long distance hiker. Now I’m over seventy, I’m still ready for adventure…

Alan with harvested grapes in the vineyard
Alan during the grape harvest

And Alan

This is Alan. He’s put up with my crazy ideas for over three decades. He’s a real mud on his boots (and through the house!) farmer. He runs our small organic vineyard, and enjoys doing tours and hen parties. We have a cellar full of wine, so when the economy collapses, we’ll still be OK to party. In his previous life, he worked with farmers in Africa and Central America, growing cashews, coffee and oranges. He learnt lists of common farmyard weeds (aka wild flowers) during his agriculture degree and never got over it. He used to be a climber, and knows how to use an ice axe.