Deep turquoise dragon lake below Grammos snowy peaks

Dragon Lakes and Mountain Trails

This is the story of a long distance walk,the length of Greece, a thousand kilometres or more. It took us from the beech forests and forgotten lakes on the northern border, through the central Pindos mountains and gorges, to the olive groves of the southern Peloponnese. We started in early summer, when snow still shone on the peaks and the high pastures sparkled with flowers. We finished in November, among the bustle of the olive harvest.

Click on the links below for more photos, maps, a brief outline of the way we went, where we stayed and our adventures en route. Plus our experience of the European footpaths, the E4 and the E6.

Gytheio 232 00, Greece

The Forgotten Lakes
Florina to Vathochori
Albanian forestry workers sitting round barbecue, with cut logs piled up behind
Albanian Barbecue
Vathochori to Kastoria
The Last Stronghold
Kastoria to KefalochoriT
he LaThe st Stronghold
Kastoria to Kefalochori
The (Second) Highest Mountain
Kefalochori to Konitsa
Tent on edge of precipice with crags beyond. No flat options.
Camping among the Crags
Konitsa to Vikos
Aoos River
Bear River
Skamneli to Metsovo
The Ossuary Porch
Metosovo to Matsouki
Cool and shady walk under trees along the river
Up the Koubourianitikos river
Matsouki to Leondito
The Wolves of Asprorema
Leondito to Epiniana
E4 to disaster: the Vardhousia range
Epiniana to Ano Mousounitsa
Beware the Trains
Diakopto to Karitena
West Beach, Kalamata
To the Sea
Karitena to Kalamata
Next Stop Crete?
Kalamata to Githion

Travelling Slow

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