Category: Hiking Greece

  • Escape to the Mainalon

    Escape to the Mainalon

    As days turned into weeks, the heat dome squatted over Greece, bringing with it temperatures in the mid forties. Between eleven in the morning and six in the evening, it was impossible to go out, impossible to sleep, impossible to do anything. I’d enjoyed the Greek summer before, when the temperature occasionally rises to 40C…

  • Travelling Light

    Travelling Light

    Most stories of long distance hikes start with tales of vast packs impossible to lift, and the agonies of blisters: an endurance test enough to put anyone off. No, it doesn’t have to be like that. Even on our long trek through Greece our packs always weighed less than 12 kilos, including food and water.…

  • Trains and boats, no planes!

    Trains and boats, no planes!

     “Dolphins” cried Alan. And there they were, peering up at us from beside the prow of the ferry. An instant and they were gone. No time to take a photo! Surely this is the best way to arrive in Greece: waking to see the sunrise over the Ionian islands and the Albanian coast, before cruising…